Tuesday, October 12, 2010


what she might say..'this is really bad time for me' or something like ' i just need some space or like personal favourite ' i really into my career right now'..you blive that she's lying to you..u know wht i'm sying?? SHE'S LYIN TO U. that y..u understand me?? 'LYING'. she doesnt need any space, she mybe into her career but what she really sying is get awy from me now or possbly try harder stupid..60% of human cmnication is non verbal (body language, 30% is ur tone..that mean 90% of what u're sying..aint coming out from ur mouth..of course she gonna lie to u, she's a nice person, she doesnt want to hurt ur feeling..what else u gonna say??she doesnt evn know u..yet..

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