Sunday, June 7, 2009

happy but bore

Hello everyone, nothing much to say since I got holiday for a week because student under JPA need to attend the BTN for one week and Yayasan Terengganu and MINDEF this July. I’m very excited when the students under YT are allowed to go home. Since, we just start the class for about a week, so we don’t have any homework or even assignment to be done. At home, I just spent a whole day watching television and make some revision on Russian language. On the other hand, my parents are very excited to know my first week experiences in INTEC. I thought the holiday would be fun and enjoy but it’s totally bore. Since, my parent go to work and my brother go to school, they just come back home late in the evening. So, I’m home alone. It was absolutely useless, nothing to do at home. I realized that my heart really want to go back to INTEC because there is nothing to do here. And now my holiday is over and I’m at INTEC now ready to resume my study. When I’m approaching the INTEC gate, I realized that I still have a long journey and big challenges to be faced. Everyone please pray for me.


muzammir muhammad said...

all the best..

ratZ_trg said...

we always pray 4 u..Gud Luck 4 our future Doc.

a.dey & kak nurul