Sunday, June 28, 2009


Huh…I don’t know what to say since just like others week. Just this week we just start to learn adverb which would be more difficult than before. This week, the new students for long course will be register at INTEC and I got three of my friends register here. We are the best friend before. Erm… when I talk about INTEC, actually I don’t know much about the college lifestyle. But after for a month being study here, I realized that, here is just same with high school, even for a certain things College is more enjoy than high school. I heard before from the senior that, once you have study in college, you need to survive on your own particularly in study, need to find reference, study in library, something like that. But when I study in INTEC I still got a hand out for each subject even in one class there just only 17 students. So, we enjoy our study. You know that, there is no handout during secondary school and we study with crowded environment with students more than 35 in one class. The conclusion is it would be better to study at INTEC. I love INTEC.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

just keep swimming

The quizzes are finished, just waiting the mark that will be given by the lectures. Same as another week, not much different, just the Russia language is getting harder.huh… so tired. This week we got a chance to watch a film titled Army at the Gate during Russian history period. The story is all about the world war two on 1941 between Russia and German.  Well, the movie is quite interesting since it is an action scene. On Saturday, all students from short course program which are Russia, MEP, Japan and Korea are needed to attend a program called Ko-PLN. Basically the aim of the program is to motivate the students in their study beside get to know each other from different course. The best thing is the program was conducted by the INTEC staffs. Kindly, they tell us about how to adapt with university environment which is totally different with high school. My facilitator is Mr. Kashminder. Although he is teaching economic for AUSMAT students but he is willing to share his experiences with us -what a good person. I think that all for this week. See you soon.  


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Continuing my study, day by day it’s getting difficult. A lot of assignments need  to be done and this week I will face my first test which will contribute about 20% out of the whole marks for the final exam for each subject. Obviously, I don’t know what question that will come out so I need to rely on my own shoulder. Well this is the real life of university. I would like to take this opportunity to express my grateful to God for giving me such this chance. I realized that this is my faith. So, I need to use this opportunity and prove that I can do it just like the others. At the outside, there is more than a thousand of SPM leaver who are still waiting to enter IPTA or IPTS and I’m very thankful because I’m not one of them. Generally, I only have about 85 days left before I depart to Russia. Well, it is not a big number for a student like me. Although I only take seven subjects, well it’s enough to crush my brain. Sometimes I asked myself, why I need to face these entire things. Now I realized and believed that this is life, the matter that everyone in the world is doing as long they are still breathing. And I’m very grateful.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

happy but bore

Hello everyone, nothing much to say since I got holiday for a week because student under JPA need to attend the BTN for one week and Yayasan Terengganu and MINDEF this July. I’m very excited when the students under YT are allowed to go home. Since, we just start the class for about a week, so we don’t have any homework or even assignment to be done. At home, I just spent a whole day watching television and make some revision on Russian language. On the other hand, my parents are very excited to know my first week experiences in INTEC. I thought the holiday would be fun and enjoy but it’s totally bore. Since, my parent go to work and my brother go to school, they just come back home late in the evening. So, I’m home alone. It was absolutely useless, nothing to do at home. I realized that my heart really want to go back to INTEC because there is nothing to do here. And now my holiday is over and I’m at INTEC now ready to resume my study. When I’m approaching the INTEC gate, I realized that I still have a long journey and big challenges to be faced. Everyone please pray for me.