Thursday, May 28, 2009

first step

Assalamualaikum and zdrastvooytye to all readers. Since this is my first blog and my first life in college after have finished my secondary school. I would like to share something that might be a guideline for all of you or maybe it just a diary as my journey in life. I’m currently having a foundation for about three months in International Education Center (INTEC) before pursuing my study at Russia for medicine course. Actually I’m very excited when I get a chance to pursue my study in medicine as it was my dream since I was child. In the high school years I’m always keep focusing on the subject that could qualify me to apply this course and Alhamdulillah with my determination; I managed to apply this course. Having a life in college is not as what we thought. Basically we could distinguish between school‘s life and college’s life. Everything has its pros and cons. When I have to live in college the first thing that was crossed in my mind is I’ll need to face a new challenge in my life. I see people from the whole Malaysia trying their best to beat each other in study. Generally the students of INTEC are making their foundation for Russian program, MEP program and other programs which we know that they are here because they are brilliant students. I realized that, I have to compete with everyone and it will be quite difficult for me, but my parents really hope that I could achieve my dream. With my determination and support from my family, insyaAllah I will make the dream comes true. Thank you for wasting your time to read my blog. See you next week. Bye-bye ( Dasbidania)


siti hasnaa said...

Life is about learning from your experiences. Those challenges you face throughout your life make you a better person in the future.

Helios (give me 1 plz) said...

miss! u there?

Anonymous said...

Waduh2,kwan aku nie nok g russia,
smoge berjaye lam study..

Yang Benar,
(Kem Gambang)