Sunday, June 21, 2009

just keep swimming

The quizzes are finished, just waiting the mark that will be given by the lectures. Same as another week, not much different, just the Russia language is getting harder.huh… so tired. This week we got a chance to watch a film titled Army at the Gate during Russian history period. The story is all about the world war two on 1941 between Russia and German.  Well, the movie is quite interesting since it is an action scene. On Saturday, all students from short course program which are Russia, MEP, Japan and Korea are needed to attend a program called Ko-PLN. Basically the aim of the program is to motivate the students in their study beside get to know each other from different course. The best thing is the program was conducted by the INTEC staffs. Kindly, they tell us about how to adapt with university environment which is totally different with high school. My facilitator is Mr. Kashminder. Although he is teaching economic for AUSMAT students but he is willing to share his experiences with us -what a good person. I think that all for this week. See you soon.  


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