Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Continuing my study, day by day it’s getting difficult. A lot of assignments need  to be done and this week I will face my first test which will contribute about 20% out of the whole marks for the final exam for each subject. Obviously, I don’t know what question that will come out so I need to rely on my own shoulder. Well this is the real life of university. I would like to take this opportunity to express my grateful to God for giving me such this chance. I realized that this is my faith. So, I need to use this opportunity and prove that I can do it just like the others. At the outside, there is more than a thousand of SPM leaver who are still waiting to enter IPTA or IPTS and I’m very thankful because I’m not one of them. Generally, I only have about 85 days left before I depart to Russia. Well, it is not a big number for a student like me. Although I only take seven subjects, well it’s enough to crush my brain. Sometimes I asked myself, why I need to face these entire things. Now I realized and believed that this is life, the matter that everyone in the world is doing as long they are still breathing. And I’m very grateful.

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